Event Coordinators ranked as one of the most stressful job

Event coordinators are officially ranked as job #5 in the list of the most stressful jobs in the united states as per https://www.careercast.com/ and the https://www.cbsnews.com/ where the event coordinator job scores 195 points in the stress rating which is only 5 points lower than an enlisted military personnel whose job is fighting for his life in a battle and defending world peace and his nation.
While most of the stressful jobs that precedes the event coordinators are military positions which is about wars and battles, if we want to be fair then the event coordinators are also in a battle and we know it.

The event coordinators are always in stress till the conference they coordinates is not just over but delivered successfully with all the great reports and the target is hit as planned. This is always have been difficult to achieve, the event coordinators have so many responsibilities that needs to be accomplished in a strict deadlines which is usually very short.

The event coordinators needs strong personality with lots of creativity in problem solving as they are always in need of an immediate solutions to the struggles they face, this is nothing but a daily work habits of a successful event coordinator.

The event life cycle

The event coordinators are always the best in utilizing technologies and adopt those technologies to help them do things in a much more organized and faster process, some of the tasks that the event coordinators needs to complete are in a cycle called “Event life cycle” which is usually divided as:

  • Before the event
  • During the event
  • After event

This journey needs a reliable technology to handle it all and helps those event coordinators to relief the stress they already have, for example the event coordinators needs to ensure :

  • Smooth registration process before and during the event
  • Proper communications is handled in every stage and to everybody
  • Follow ups to ensure the audience target is reached
  • Budgeting and cost control
  • Attendee management
  • Brand is always consistent and the message is delivered in persistent and easy way
  • Event setup and planning
  • Reporting and measuring success
  • And in some cases attendance management and certification
  • Measuring success through KPIs to enhance their next event even better

minimize the risk with a fully featured platform

The event coordinators needs a platform that minimizes the risks of event organizing, he/she requires a fully featured platform to do this, with masterbadge the event coordinator is able to achieve all this with ease, it provides a state of the art technology to support the most stressful people achieve better results in lower stress.

as a result, the event coordinator benefits from the platform to enhance their work life and get more time for other details.

masterbadge main features

the platform can provide the event coordinators with tools like:

  • Complete event portfolio management
  • Comprehensive registration platform for online and onsite that ensues flexibility and ease of use but ensures everything is controlled the right way
  • Email and social media communications to enhance the communications between them and the attendees, speakers and all stake holders
  • Marketing platform to help achieve better results and to help to reach the target in no time
  • Website management that helps deliver the message in the right way
  • Mobile app that ensures everybody is up to date and have every information they need, without even harming the environment and lower the collateral print outs like agendas
  • Surveys and polls to measure success and satisfactions in real time, to ensure the next event is even better
  • Onsite gears and equipment that helps delivering an amazing onsite experience
  • Attendance real time tracking with high end technology like no one else in the market which allows seamless attendance tracking and accuracy
  • Attendance certification in an automated way that even the event coordinators needs not to worry about it, this allows the event coordinator to be relief of this biggest task that can be done, now it takes no time to do.
  • Reporting and analytics tools that helps identifying the issues and focus on what was best to ensure best results and to always be in the right position. Those reports are the main pillar an event coordinator needs to now where his or her feet are standing now and at anytime

On top of all that masterbadge offers an amazing tool for conferences that enables an easy way for competition, abstracts and poster management tool.

masterbadge is an innovative all-in-one event technology platform provides a complete set of technologies that enables events managers make a memorable events

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