our Brand Book

Our Brand

01  Brand Overview

02 Backstory

03 Values & Beliefs

04 The Logo

05 Brand Mark

06 Colors

07 Typography

08 Visual Vocabulary

09 Checklist

Bringing Our Brand to Life

This brand book provides comprehensive understandings and assets that make up our brand, Values, and visual vocabulary.

This guide will helps designers, public, third parties and new team members understand what the masterbadge Brand is about,and provide everyone with a shared language and understanding of our core beliefs and concepts.

Using the masterbadge Brand Assets

masterbadge’s visual identity has 4 key elements. When applied consistently they create a vibrant and distinctive look. These principles guide the creation of product experiences, educational content and marketing creative.

Logo & Wordmark

Our Logo is very precious to us, We took time developing the brand so please be nice to it. The masterbadge wordmark is an essential expression of our brand too.

Find the logo assets usage guidelines here

Brand Mark

Our brand mark is precious, Using our main icon with care is very important to us.

Find the brand mark assets & guidelines here

Colour Palette

The colors define the brand, The corporate color palette includes a main “Fresh Eggplant” and a secondary “Las Palmas” color.

Colour palette guidelines & usage here


Typography is the backbone of design, Getting it right is paramount.

Find the Typography guidelines here