masterbadge meet

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masterbadge meet

make memorable events


To create the greatest interactive presentation we’ve ever made

Interactivity tool

masterbadge meet comes to engage attendees.

Presentation & white board sharing

Comes by default loaded which allows interactivity with the presentation.It also uses the same tools in smart way to have the ability of creating white boards.
some functions like:
  • Power point interactive presentation format
  • Pointer & drawing tools on top of the presentation slides.
  • Ability to turn multi user presentation tools to engage attendees
  • Ability to download presentations
  • Ability to turn slides into WHITE BOARDS
  • Many more…

Live Polls

masterbadge meet offers a state of the art simple but very it’s very simple to use & allows for attendee engagement & interactions.
  • A great tool for collaboration, idea & open discussions
  • Unlimited polls
  • Live result, which can be shared and make visible to attendees
  • Unlimited possibilities of polls answer
  • Helps to find engaged attendee during the live session

Breakout rooms

Breakout rooms are an that allows grouping attendees together to discuss different aspect of the meeting, it is also a great way for speakers to discuss other things during break.
  • Breakout rooms are a fantastic way of collaboration & dividing attendees into smaller group
  • Each group have the same functions of the main conference
  • Ability to create 2 to 8 breakout rooms in single sessions
  • Ability to allow attendees to pick their own rooms or distribute attendees by moderator

Other interactivity tools available

Shared notes

Promote to moderators or speakers to allow attendee to input or share their experience

Public chatting

Private chatting for networking

Video synchronous playing across attendees

Mobile friendly

Systematic & human attendance tracking

The attendance is first the atendee’s activities.
Live chat support and dedicated phone support for delegates for smooth conference joining.
50 Seats
for 60 Days

Fully Functional account.

50 Seats
for 60 Days

Fully Functional account.