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Our Brand

01 Brand Overview

02  Backstory

03 Values & Belief

04 The Logo

05 Brand Mark

06 Colors

07 Typography

08 Visual Vocabulary

09 Checklist

Founder’s Backstory

The origin story is about the founder’s personal background. It’s about who he is and what led him here. Who was the founder before he became the founder? What are the nuggets that made him the super hero he is today? What are his weaknesses and strengths..

“Don’t worry. Just build it. Results will come.“

Mohammad Abuateek

Mohammad has always been a dreamer, an honest and a loyal person. At the time when the airline company he was working for started to collapse and release its employees, Mohammad, even though still loyal to his company, chose to see it as an opportunity to get to the next level of his journey. And so he did, by starting a small software service company. With an extensive experience in software development, Mohammad started looking for a software solution to build for his clients.

He tried a few, until he got a requirement for an event in which no software in the market (at that time) could make it happen.

MasterBadge was born, slowly increasing it’s team. Initially, the profits were low. Mohammad was forced into a full time job, again, working for a respected establishment.

Being torn between thoughts and worries regarding his current work and MasterBadge, he finally quit his well paid job and continued putting all his resources into growing Masterbadge.