RFID attendee tracking

RFID Attendee Tracking

The use of RFID technology is fast becoming the ‘must have’ at any event where attendee tracking is required.

Using our solution, we automate the attendee tracking process and capture accurate records of which professionals attended each event session or lecture (meaning Continuing Educational Units are genuinely accredited).
Most licensed professionals such as nurses, teachers, social workers and doctors require CEUs in order to maintain a professional license. This makes CEU’s critical to a professional’s job.

Usually, CEU’s are recorded manually at each individual event and then hand keyed into a database or program.

In order to automate this work associated with these events and acquire detailed records, we utilize RFID technology that can be setup at each event to AUTOMATICALLY read individual employee/attendee badges upon entry and exit to each session (no physical touch is required).

An RFID reader is placed at the entrance and exit of the session room which will provide the event organizers with accurate records of which professionals attended.

The main advantage of deploying RFID technology is the improvement of people flow into each session which in turn, creates a better attendee event experience.


Inaccurate results and fraud are common problems when delegate tracking is required. Whether it is an attendee using another’s badge for double credits or an attendee using another’s badge to get into sessions they have not paid or registered for, RFID can help mitigate these issues…..


Notifications can be sent to the organizers if a room capacity is reached
Find particular attendees in seconds!
Alerts can be set if a particular attendee leaves a pre set zone