Email Marketing

Promote & Market your event with ease.

Spreading the word out about your amazing event is one of the essential parts of it’s success, MasterBadge offers you an enhanced marketing platform that helps you make this happen with ease. Don’t forget you need analysis that measures success, but don’t worry all is bundled within MasterBadge.

Marketing List

Build your own List, group them as you wish and share lists across your entire events portfolio

Email Campaigns

Create a beautiful personalized email, so you speak beautifully with each of your audience individually

Targeted Campaigns

You can target your campaigns to a filtered marketing list or specific registrants in certain workshop, just decide

Measure Your Marketing Strategy

Intelligently track your campaign’s success through measuring the successful registrations that comes out from your campaigns.

You build the personalized beautiful email, we tell you if your audience are positively responding to you by making an actual registration.

Campaigns Reports

Track who opens and read your emails, know who have clicked, simply those reports helps you understand how you are performing

Social Link tracking

Create social links to your event and start marketing your event everywhere, oh but how would you understand which of your social channel is best for your event? It’s simple, MasterBadge social links can bring you analysis by channel so you know which channel is giving you more visitors.


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