Attendee Registrations

Easy, Flexible & Comprehensive.

MasterBadge offers you a comprehensive end to end Attendee Registration system that enables full control over your event, Our online registration platform removes any time consuming tasks or manual work – allowing you to concentrate on delivering an amazing event.

Customize & Brand

Your brand is you, don’t tolerate it just indulge yourself with fully brand-able public Online registration forms, it’s all yours. Collect the information you need, Customize fields, build landing pages that helps provide more information and guidance to your attendees

Single & Team Registrations

Either your event requires single attendee registration at a time or a full team registration in one easy page, enable one or team registration forms as you please, control fees for each as well, cheers

Invitation Management

Invite Special Guest, your own list or target some audience, track acceptance status of your audience that matters to you most.

Complete Fees Structuring

  • Control your registration fees like no other
  • Create fees for each type of your attendee
  • Create packages with validity. Apply seat limits for each fee
  • Enhance VIP experience with a private fees links
  • Control who can apply certain fees
  • Manage it the way you want it

Build Your Agenda

Keep your event agenda organized and up to date, reuse on web & mobile from a single source.

  • Supports multi-track and multi-sessions configurable in any way.
  • Allow your attendees to build their own customized agenda
  • Set prices for the sessions you want to offer extra.
  • Enable seat limits so you are in control
  • Specify who can select/book a session or workshop
  • Build it the way you want it with ease, there is no limit

Seat Caps

Enable seat limitation for every session or workshop, limit the seats for the whole event registration and or by attendee type, package or fees

Waiting List Collection

Want to decide to accept more or not? Enable waiting list that starts collecting leads for you then take your own decision

Bulk Import Attendees

We made it simple steps like wizard to import as many as you can, keep repetitive work on us.

Much More

Discount Coupons

Bring in more attendees by offering them special discounts, show them how important they are to you. Create discount codes by fixed amount or by percentage. Enable codes to be used if the purchase is above a certain amount.

Corporate Rates

One of a kind registration system that enables you to define corporate rates based on official email domain, you now able define custom corporate rate for your beloved partners and customers based on their official company domain name.

Registration Policy Management

Protect yourself and your attendee, build your own registration terms and conditions to ensure transparency between your event and your attendees.

Internal Employee Quick Registrations

Large Enterprises can pre-upload their employee’s information to allow them to register quickly using their Employee ID & Email. Yes, they can get special prices too.

Payment Collection

Limitless integration possibilities, yes right limitless integrations.
You can build on-premise integration easily, so payments are done at your side securely, exchange data with high level of integrity by enabling SHA256 highly secured digital signatures used in secure banking gateways.

Or you can use our ready to use module to integrate with MiGS, CyberSource, PAYPAL, Payfort, and Strip, You can also enable wire transfers or even Cash payments.


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