Attendance & Certification

Automate & Capture Attendee Journey

Using our solution, we can automate the attendee tracking process and capture accurate records of which professionals attended each event session or lecture (meaning Continuing Educational Units are genuinely accredited).

Improve & Automate people flow into each session


MasterBadge provides you with the right tool to track attendance through your event with a non-compete Long Range RFID solution that will not break your budget, our unique RFID badges and scanners are designed to be effective, powerful and easy to use.

A complete attendee journey is recorded

Knowing the attendance behavior of your participants gives you a full understanding of what was most interesting about your event was more attracting, Hooray repeat it next year or even enhance it.

With MasterBadge you are able to view full historical details of how many and how long your participants stayed/visited any point in your conference

Automate Attendance Certification

Generating manual attendance certificates to your participant is no more a hassle for you.

MasterBadge uses the full attendee recorded journey to automate the certification process, generate any type of certificate easily.

  • Online Certificate Designing tool
  • build your own points calculation criteria
  • Points criteria can be done for each session separately
  • Online Certificate Download with survey


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