our Brand Book

Our Brand

01 Brand Overview

02 Backstory

03 Values & Beliefs

04 The Logo

05 Brand Mark

06 Colors

07 Typography

08 Visual Vocabulary

09  Checklist

Best to have a checklist.

Then you know you’ve done everything right.

The Checklist

01 The Logo

Only use logos that are complete and in an appropriate version, created from original digital artwork. Please check that you have respected the minimum size and exclusion zone requirements.

02 Backgrounds

The logo should not appear on light or cluttered images without being reversed out.

03 Graphics

Check that any supporting graphics or graphic elements do not marginalise, obscure or overpower our logo.

04 Typography

Check that our corporate typefaces have been used appropriately where applicable.

05 Design

Be sure to provide these guidelines to third
parties or collaborating partners.

Final Thoughts

If in doubt, take a look back through this
document, all the answers are there.

We don’t ask for much, just a little love and respect
for our branding which is why we think we’ve created
a flexible system that won’t stifle your creativity.

Give it your best shot.